New visual identity

News March 2018 :

To develop its new brand image, SOMATRA, which has been in operation in Switzerland since 1959, wanted to showcase its visual and human story, so that it could find an identity consistent with its values. The operations of an international carrier are symbolised by a world map.

The company’s various modes of transport which take place on land, sea, and air are symbolised by three bands of colour; brown, dark blue and light blue, and finally, the humanity and family spirit of the company, which facilitates its special relationship with its customers, is symbolised by the integration of the map and the three bands to left and right with welcoming contours.

The new logo retains strong visual and typographic signs and provides a deliberately customer-oriented discourse.

“For SOMATRA, I wanted a brand image that showed how the shipment of goods, competently undertaken by the teams and partners of SOMATRA TRANSPORTS INTERNATIONAUX, is a streamlined, simplified, and committed process.”
Pascal Grossiord, Artistic Director